Plant Breeders’ Rights

Plants breeders’ rights (PBR) in Israel are granted and enforced through the Plants Breeders’ Rights Law. The PBR Law of 1973 gives effect to Israel’s undertakings pursuant to the Acts of the UPOV Convention. The PBR Law is accompanied by the Plants Breeders’ Rights Regulations of 1974.

A breeder’s right is granted in Israel, in accordance with the UPOV Convention, when the variety is new, distinct, uniform and stable.

As with any other intellectual property right, registered PBRs provide an advantage in today’s competitive agricultural industry, which includes advanced technology and research, which allows the cultivation of new and unique varieties of plants.

Gilat, Bareket & Co. has extensive understanding and vast experience in all aspects of PBRs, including their protection and commercialization in Israel, litigation and representation before various judicial bodies. The firm also assists its clients in drafting licensing agreements pertaining to the production and distribution of agricultural produce protected by PBRs, license agreements for the use of protected varieties and strategic cooperation between the rights owners and nursery owners, growers, distributors and exporters of plants and fruits.

In addition, the firm’s close cooperation with the patent attorneys of Reinhold Cohn & Partners in prosecuting PBR applications creates a unique and effective platform for offering top quality services to each and every client.


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