IP Transactions & Licensing

Technology has become the focal point of large-scale business transactions, whether involving investment in innovative technology companies or licenses to exploit a registered patent or brand.
In recent years, trade in technologies, mainly patented technologies, has accelerated rapidly, mirrored by an increase in the number of patent infringement cases and the magnitude of damages awarded in them.

Structuring a successful license agreement for the use of a patent-protected technology requires an in-depth understanding of the technology as well as of the relevant business environment. The combination of scientific understanding and business insight enables Gilat, Bareket & Co. to provide proficient, top level transactional support to clients interested in granting or acquiring intellectual property rights.

The firm’s considerable advantage in counseling on such deals derives from its in-depth knowledge of the field of patents and trademarks and its close cooperation with the patent attorneys of Reinhold Cohn & Partners.

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