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Intellectual Property accounts for about a third of the modern economy’s added value and is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that it accounts for about 80 percent of the aggregate value of publicly traded companies. In  technology-abundant Israel the predominance of Intellectual Property is of particular significance; it is the most important engine driving the economy. Intellectual Property has essentially been the main factor affecting the worth of the many tech-based deals seen in recent years.

In order for Intellectual Property to be fully utilized, strategic planning needs to continuously evolve with a company’s tech development, business activity and business plan, taking into account the existing and anticipated competitors in the relevant markets. The absence of a cohesive, strategic IP plan that includes proper reference to and safeguarding of knowhow, protection of all of a patent’s technological aspects as well as protection of all of the company’s designs and brands, may be detrimental to the venture’s or company’s ability to establish its true  value in the developed technology. Furthermore, it is also necessary to ensure that the development does not infringe on the Intellectual Property of others, which can have serious consequences.

The strategic advice provided by Reinhold Cohn Group’s professionals, reflects a broad, multidisciplinary view of Intellectual Property as the basis for growth and new business opportunities. Reinhold Cohn Group professionals excel in deeply understanding the product and its technology, as well as its place in the context of the relevant business environment.

The expertise of the group’s professionals stems from wide range exposure to hundreds of ventures per year, as well as participation in due diligence procedures, and building IP-based ventures. Our provided consultancy is tailored to each client’s needs, capabilities and goals, and is based on an objective and broad business strategy that builds, preserves and strengthens the value of the venture and the product.

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