March 21, 2012

Dr. Sheila Zrihan-Licht Joins Reinhold Cohn Group

Dr. Sheila Zrihan-Licht, one of Israel’s leading patent attorneys in the field of life sciences, has joined the senior ranks of Reinhold Cohn Group as of 21 March 2012.

Dr. Zrihan-Licht is a patent attorney with years of experience in serving innovators and corporations in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the field of life sciences. Sheila has a Ph.D. in molecular biology she earned in 1995 from the Tel-Aviv University. She was a post-doctoral fellow at the Harvard Institute of Medicine in Boston, from 1995-1998 and then worked as a chief scientist in a bio-tech company for one year. Sheila has been working in the patent field ever since and is a registered patent attorney as of 2002. 

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